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Retro-Relocation: Why everything old is new again

Lump-Sum or Reimbursed (LSR) moves are fast becoming the program of choice for many companies. A recent survey indicating over 65% of organizations are using a lump-sum, capped or reimbursed program and many more are in the process of adding the option to their relocation offering.

This program is far from being new, in fact before relocation companies came on the scene most organizations worked directly with supplier’s particularly the movers. They would develop a “moving policy”, negotiate a discount and set standards in which to perform the moves. Corporations would move all of their employees using this model, with little or no problem. It worked then and it works now.

If you have taken the time to do a relocation strategy audit, you will see that a number of factors are pointing back to this type of (LSR) program. The program is very easy to manage, it allows you to accurately budget costs as well as providing your employee with flexibility and when supported by technology it is a perfect program for the new millennial employee.

Most organizations rely on the Human Resource department to monitor their corporate culture. Many organizations try to foster a culture of gender and age diversity in order to stimulate innovation. Today’s organizations are actively recruiting young bright employees to challenge the status quo in an effort to innovate and evolve the organization. Not only is the (LSR) program much easier to manage and less expensive for the corporation, the demographic of the new bright employee mirrors the benefits of the service.

The millennial generation will make up 75% of the work force by 2020 and they are absolutely the group that the (LSR) programs works best for. Why is that? Here is a snapshot of your new hires and our future leaders.

  • They were raised with technology and are very aware that technology is the main differentiating factor between them and any other generation
  • They are the most educated generation in history
  • They are, for the most part, single
  • Due to education loans, over 40% are still living at home and few actually own a home
  • They are urban, they move to city centers into small condos or apartments.


When you look at the demographic, the only real “must have” in your (LSR) relocation program is a mover. By dealing directly with a preferred mover, as was the case in the past, you have direct control over the only consistent service needed. By going direct to a mover rather than through a third party you also eliminate an estimated eight (8) handoffs and the added cost of a built in referral fee to you or your employee.

This retro-relocation revolution is becoming so evident to industry insiders that major Global relocation companies are abandoning their business model and actually becoming movers. That’s not to say that any mover will be a good direct partner, nor does it mean that by simply calling yourself a mover you will add value. You should look for and work with a mover that is focused on corporate relocations having the people, equipment and buildings to actually provide the service. Your selected corporate moving partner should have the ability to help you set up a policy, have a proven quality ranking and has innovative services such as a small move program all supported by technology. (As per the millennial demographic).

McWilliams has designed a program specifically for this new (LSR) revival, we offer:

  • Technology, we have a relocation App for all smart phones. It  manages the move, helps them shop for suppliers, tracks expense and generates an expense report all from their smart phone (download App on our website)
  • Small move program, we have designed a small move program specifically to provide advice,  guidance and solutions  for individuals moving a small amount of goods
  • No handoffs Single point of contact with real time move management direct to operations
  • Policy design, we will provide you with a template and benchmark information to allow you to design a current relevant moving policy
  • Service Standards, we provide you with service standards to make sure you are getting the quality services you need
  • Reporting as and when needed on any aspect of the move
  • No referral fees, One- stop- shop for relocation options, we provide an accredited list of suppliers, if you need more than the move, all with no referral fees


Everything old is new again, with  technology lessoning  the need for the brokering of information on simple relocations, a direct to supplier program is a much smarter way to approach this new lump- sum reality. A good moving policy, managed by a good corporate mover, supported by technology is the best possible strategy for your lump-sum or reimbursed program. For a more in-depth discussion on features, benefits, services and price comparisons please contact me direct.

Larry Kruger   416 570 5694

More Comments About Our Peterborough Movers

We wanted to post a few more lovely notes that have been passed our way from some amazing customers!

Mike & Kim, who moved to Nova Scotia wrote to tell us the following:

I just wanted to express our thanks and compliments to your entire team that was involved with our move.

Mike (your driver) is a great ambassador for your company! He was very professional and courteous from the time we met him last week, at our house in Ontario, to when he departed here a short while ago.

In the day and age we live in very seldom do you find people, and or companies, that actually do what they say they are going to do but we are pleased to say that your group fits into that category with flying colours.

I think this is the 8th or 9th time we have used movers in the last 35 years and you guys are by far the best we have had experience with. Not one item was broken or damaged!

Vickie impressed my wife with her promptness and attitude, when she visited our house to do the initial estimation on the moving costs.

You picked up and loaded on time and you delivered on time. The access to our Ontario house was very difficult and Mike nailed it the first time!

The crews on both ends of the move were exceptional, very personable and a joy to deal with.

A company is only as good as it’s employees and it sure looks like you guys have the formula for success.

Please feel free to use us as a reference , if need be, for prospective customers.

All the best and good luck in the future.
Mike & Kim

Susanne, who moved from Cambellford to Norwood, shared these comments with us about her recent move:

I have used your company three times and would use your company again without hesitation!

Moving Testimonials from Peterborough, Ontario

Each month we receive comments and testimonials from customers who are thrilled with the services they receive from McWilliams Moving & Storage. We wanted to share with you a few of our most recent comments from moves we’ve made in the Peterborough area:

Rick, who moved within Peterborough writes:
We were very impressed by the hard work and professionalism of the movers. They were friendly, helpful and worked non-stop. We have been telling our friends how pleased we were with the experience.

Joe, who also moved within Peterborough says:
The crew that moved us were far above our expectations. They were punctual, very respectful, efficient, conscientious, they worked continuously until the job was done. We could not have had a better cew, they worked well together and seemed content with their work. They were very tolerate of anything we asked and our unexpected company.

Janis, who moved from Peterborough to Douro-Dummer wrote:
I was more than pleased with the whole moving process. It was amazing how efficient and organized the fellas were. For me it was STRESS FREE!

Linda, who moved from Peterborough to Omemee wrote:
Fabulous job! Really enjoyed working with the team.


How a Checklist for Moving Can Keep You Organized

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Moving With Pets

Our Advice for Moving House With Your Pets

Moving house is stressful for people, let alone pets, who don’t even understand what is going on! While you can explain it to your kids and take care of their worries and anxiety, you can never reassure your pet that everything will be fine or that you are not leaving them behind. Moving house is really traumatic for pets and many owners admit that their biggest concern about the move is how their pets will react.

Here are some very helpful tips that can help you minimize the stress your pet feels when moving house:


  • When you start packing or preparing for the move, try to confine your pet to a single room and keep them away from all the hassle. All the craziness that comes with packing and loading everything may cause them to become even more anxious and may cause them to hide.


  • Familiarize your pet with a carrier some time before the move. You can put the carrier in your home a month before the move and try to play with them inside and outside the carrier to have them associate it with something positive. Throwing them in a cage-like carrier the day of the move when they have never been transported like that before will be incredibly distressing.


  • When moving house, you have all things cleaned up and packed. Well, the same is not applicable when you move your pet’s bedding or toys. It is better to leave them as they are and not wash them before the move or immediately after settling in your new home. Those familiar smells on toys and bedding will take away some of that stress and anxiety.


  • The greatest fear of all pets is that you may leave them behind. As they may not understand what you are explaining to them, you need to use a calm and reassuring voice to let them know everything will stay the same as much as possible. Also, give them more attention and reassurance than usual, before, during, and after the move is complete.


  • You may think that it is better to have your pet all fed and ready for the road when moving house. Well, in fact, it is better to avoid feeding at least three hours before starting on your trip in order to reduce the risk of those really unpleasant accidents.


  • Depending on your vet, you may consider giving your pet a mild sedative for the road to ease up on the transition. However, not all pets react positively to being sedated, so check with a professional well ahead of your moving day.
  • Sometimes, in order to reduce the stress of moving house as much as possible, you may put your cat or dog into a kennel or cattery for a few days during the packing and loading time.


  • Before moving, check your pet’s vaccinations to make sure that they are up to date. Consult with your veterinarian and ask him or her to provide you with a recommendation of a vet clinic in the area that you are moving.


Upon moving house and settling in, try to stick to old routines for as long as possible to reassure your pets everything is all right. Feeding and or walking times should be respected as much as possible to make sure your pet is well-adjusted. By preparing your pet and their belongings for your move ahead of time, you should both be ready to start on your new adventure!

To keep you move organized from pets to budgeting to packing, try McWilliams’ app, Move In Hand. It’s free to download and can help you stay on top of all aspects of your move.

moving in ontario

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