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How to Find the Best Relocation Services for Your Office

office-building-relocationIf your office is anticipating a big move, you will want to begin looking for the best relocation services company as soon as possible. There are a ton of moving companies on the market so finding a reputable moving company that offers relocation services can be a bit tougher then it may seem. Here are a few tips on how to search for the best relocation services for your office. Continue reading How to Find the Best Relocation Services for Your Office

The Best Eco-Friendly Moving Services Canada Has to Offer

eco-friendly-moving companyWhen choosing to move, you might not have considered the impact you will have on the environment. However, a great professional moving company will always consider their impact and attempt to make your move as environmentally friendly as possible. When you choose to hire McWilliams Moving and Storage, you are choosing to work with the best eco-friendly moving company in Canada. An eco-friendly moving company will always have a strong Go Green initiative in place. When working with an eco-friendly moving company, you will find every step in your moving process is adjusted to meet the highest environmental standards possible. Continue reading The Best Eco-Friendly Moving Services Canada Has to Offer

Trust McWilliams – The Professional Office Movers

office-movingIt can be time consuming and exhausting trying to move your office on your own. Time is money, and you don’t want to lose out on crucial business hours because you are stuck lugging boxes around. Choosing to hire professional office movers reduces the hassle and stress of trying to do it yourself.

McWilliams is a professional office moving company who are experts in any type of commercial moving. When moving office equipment, you want to work with professionals who are trained in handling computers, electronic equipment, and business records. All of these items are critical to your day to day business and expensive to replace if damaged or lost.

More importantly, it is very complicated to begin dismantling and installing office furniture and equipment and you may end up frustrated when you can’t access files you need, contact clients waiting for you, and you can’t even sit on your chair at your desk. Professional office movers have attended manufacturing training seminars for the proper and efficient dismantling or installation of office furniture systems. Continue reading Trust McWilliams – The Professional Office Movers

7 Tips for Packing Valuables When Moving

We have all been there – moving a house full of boxes and all of a sudden you’re dropped the box that contains your grandmother’s precious china collection!  You probably get sick to your stomach as you look in the box to find it’s shattered into a million pieces.

Packing valuables properly when you’re moving will save you a headache or two along the way – and it will keep your valuables intact! Here are our 7 tips for packing valuables when you are moving: Continue reading 7 Tips for Packing Valuables When Moving

10 Things You Need To Know When Moving From Canada to the USA

There are many things to consider when you’re moving from Canada to the USA.  The list may be lengthy, and this could make you feel stressed and overwhelmed.  Here are McWilliams’ top 10 things you need to know when you’re moving from Canada to the US:

1)      Hire a moving company that specializes in moving from Canada to the USA.  A company like McWilliams Moving & Storage has years of experience in international moving and can help you plan your move so it goes smoothly. Continue reading 10 Things You Need To Know When Moving From Canada to the USA

Moving? We Have an App for That!

app-screenshotMoving can be a difficult and stressful time for anyone faced with the task of moving their home or office. Trying to organize all aspects of the move, like scheduling moving trucks, moving out of your current location and into your new location on time, and all while trying to not lose or damage anything can become a juggling act. To lessen the burden you will want to have a friend on board, and McWilliams’ Move in Hand App is a great app that will be a helpful sidekick for you during the move.

You may not be an expert in moving, but this app is! Move In Hand is there to help you from beginning to end with everything from moving expenses, emotional considerations, moving your pets, how to move on your own, and even researching your new area. This application will soon prove to be very fun and helpful to you as you complete the moving checklist. You can assure you are getting expert advice from professional movers who will be able to help you answer questions you have and provide you information on parts of the moving process that you may not have considered. Continue reading Moving? We Have an App for That!

5 Questions to Ask When You Are Getting Moving Quotes

professional-moverBefore you start loading the truck, you will want to ask your moving company the following questions. Take time to get moving quotes from any company you are interested in working with.  Moving can be very costly and asking these questions ahead of time will save you time and money, and relieve some unnecessary stress.

  1. How long has your company been in business for?  A company with years of experience on their belt is normally more likely to provide good customer service, and provide more accurate moving quotes. It’s not to say new companies won’t provide you quality service, but there is some reassurance in a company with a long list of client referrals and successful and proven moving processes. Continue reading 5 Questions to Ask When You Are Getting Moving Quotes

All About McWilliams Student Moving Services

Is your teen going to university or college in the fall?  Are you totally overwhelmed with packing all of the items on the school’s must-bring list?  Do you even have a vehicle that will fit all the items on the list? If you’re feeling stressed by answering these questions, there may be a solution for you.

McWilliams Moving and Storage in Kitchener-Waterloo has student moving services designed to support parents and guardians with moving their kids to and from school.  Our student moving services are designed for individual needs which ensures you’re getting all of the services you need.  Continue reading All About McWilliams Student Moving Services

McWilliams’ Guide to Moving Across Canada

If you have decided to move across Canada, you now must take on the task of figuring out how to move all of your stuff with you! With McWilliams’ helpful guide, you will be well on your way. Here is our list of 4 things to remember before you move across the country.

  1. Choose a Date: Preparation for the big move is critical for a successful and easy trip. Moving companies tend to book up fast, especially in the summer months, so book well in advance to guarantee you have the support and manpower necessary to move across Canada. Set a date for both the move of your family members and the move of your household items. Continue reading McWilliams’ Guide to Moving Across Canada