5 Items to Keep With You At All Times During Your Move

Moving can be fun if you focus on your new home, new city, or the new opportunities you have to look forward to. However, it can also be time-consuming and highly stressful. In fact, moving has been ranked by Employee Relations Council (USA) as the third most stressful event in life, after death and divorce. Whether you agree with this or not, you will find yourself doing a lot of planning and putting in a lot of hard work to sort out and pack your possessions as the scheduled move date approaches. To make your move as organized, effortless and economical as possible, you will need to have a good plan and the right tools.


One of the best ways to keep yourself and your move organized is to have a few key items on hand throughout the moving process. Here are 5 items that you should keep with you at all times during your move: More…

4 Aspects of Household Moving We Often Forget

Moving to a new location is often an exciting, hectic and stressful time for the entire family and we often forget or overlook several important things in our rush to get things done as quickly as possible. No matter how far in advance we plan, actual “moving” takes place in a short time for practical reasons, usually not more than a day or two. There are so many things to do in such a limited time that we can become overwhelmed.

Don’t forget the following 4 components of household moving that we tend to leave ‘till the last minute: More…

What You Need to Know About Importing a Vehicle into Canada

With motor vehicle prices generally lower south of the border, many Canadians are tempted to bring in vehicles from the USA. However, importing a vehicle into Canada might be necessary if you are moving. The process can be complicated, so there are a few things you need to know. The first hurdle comes in the form of Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA), which regulates the manufacture and importation of motor vehicles in Canada. All vehicles regardless of their type and purpose, except those that were manufactured more than 15 years ago, must comply with the Act.


McWilliams Moving & Storage Is a Proud Mayflower Moving Company

By now, the McWilliams name stands on its own in the world of moving.  We’ve been moving customers of all shapes and sizes all around the country and beyond for more than half a century, so McWilliams and moving kind of go hand in hand.  However, we haven’t done it alone.  Every great moving company has affiliations, and our biggest is with Mayflower Van Lines.  We are a proud Mayflower moving company through and through.  More…

Save Space with Business Record and Document Storage

If you are a business owner or manager or you just deal with the business documents and records of a business as part of your job, you know how quickly they can get out of hand.  One day it seems as though you have everything under control and then the next those files or hard drives are everywhere.

You know it’s not a matter of simply clearing house or ‘reducing the clutter’ because the files and documents can’t be destroyed.  It seems like such a trivial issue, but only if you take some action and do something about it.  If you just leave it, you may end up losing some important documents or worse.  More…

Keep Your Information Secure with Professional Movers

In today’s world, information is everywhere.  It’s not uncommon for us to share our names, social insurance numbers, tax information, banking information, credit card numbers and more without even leaving the house.  And that says nothing about all the information that might change hands if you own or run a business.  Now, when it comes to moving, your information may also be at risk.  All it takes is for one person to get his hands on your home computer for a little while and everything you’ve entered into it is no longer private.  Not to mention any hard copies of secure information you may be transporting in the move – they could fall into the wrong hands as well.

By using a professional mover, especially one like McWilliams Moving and Storage, you can ensure that your information stays secure so the only person that ever sees it is you.  More…

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