6 Items That Travel Best in Plastic Storage Bins

Most people are familiar with the cardboard moving box method of moving possessions from point A to point B.  Make a list of stuff that needs to be moved, get a bunch of moving boxes and then pack them up.  Of course, you also have to use quite a lot of tape making the boxes and closing them up, and you have to find something to do with them when you’re finished.  This might include passing them along to someone else, but most of the time they just end up being thrown away.

An alternative to moving your things in cardboard boxes is to use plastic storage bins instead.  And while just about any smaller item will do just fine in a plastic storage bin, there are some that make more sense than others.  More…

Reduce Reuse & Recycle: Be Eco-Friendly For an Easier Move

One of the biggest concepts when it comes to modern-day moving is keeping the process as ‘green’ or eco-friendly as possible.  Not only will you look good in front of all your friends and family, but you really will help out the environment.  And if everyone that was going through a move thought that way, just imagine what a difference it would make!  Here are some basic, eco-friendly tips you can follow for your next move.  More…

Why a Moving Company is the Right Choice for Your Apartment Move

One type of move that causes many people to break out their DIY shoes is the apartment move.  It’s also the type of move that is best served with a moving company taking control of the situation.  Apartments are smaller and there is usually less to move than a full-sized house, but that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit by using a professional mover instead of doing it yourself.

Fast & Efficient

A professional moving company has usually seen it all before, or at least most of it.  This means they can do your apartment move quickly and efficiently, which is great for an apartment because there are often time constraints placed on the move.  More…

Long Distance Moving Can Be Complicated: Leave It to the Professionals

When you really sit back and visualize all of things that have to happen in order for you move a long distance, the list can be a little mind-boggling.  There is the move itself, there are new jobs to be started, new schools and utilities and mail.  Your entire life as you know it must be picked up and set back down in a far off place hopefully with as little disruption as possible.

And that’s why hiring professional movers for long distance moving is such a great idea.  More…

6 Easy Ways to Save Money When Moving Out for the First Time

If you haven’t already, there’s going to come a time when you move out of the house for the first time.  Yes, it’s exciting and yes, it’s fun, but it can also be expensive if you aren’t paying attention.  Expenses have a way of piling up on you when you first move out, which can be especially troublesome during a time when money is often at a premium.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be such an expensive event, and it won’t be if you can follow these 6 easy ways to save money.  More…

Why Choose a Company that Offers Both Moving and Storage Services?

When relocating your home or office to another place over long distances, it is sensible to hire a company that provides both moving and storage services. This ensures that your belongings will be in good hands at all times and someone will be accountable in the event they are damaged or lost. You can rest assured that your items will be stored safely and reach their destination in one piece.

Here are a few good reasons why you should choose a company that offers both moving and storage services: More…

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