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University of Waterloo Alumni Program

McWilliams, as the University of Waterloo’s long-time, contract supplier of relocation services, is pleased to offer the alumni corporate class service and preferred pricing packages on local, long distance, cross border and worldwide relocation services.

For more information, please contact Mark Loveday.

Waterloo, Ontario

In 1798 Joseph Brant, acting on the behalf of the Six Nations First Nation, sold 38,070 hectares of land to James Wilson, Jean Baptiste Rosseaux and Richard Beasley. In 1800 Beasley began selling land to German immigrants from Pennsylvania.

The first settlers were two men, Joseph Sherk and Samuel Betzner. In 1804 the two settlers were sent to Pennsylvania to try to persuade friends and relatives to buy land in Waterloo for $20,000. A joint-stock company known as the German Company was eventually formed under the leadership of John Eby. The $20,000 was wrapped in rags and brought to the Waterloo County by wagon. This wagon is now in the Waterloo County Museum.

In 1806 Abraham Erb moved from Pennsylvania to Waterloo. He is credited with founding Waterloo, which is named after Waterloo in Belgium. He built a sawmill and, later, a grist mill in 1816. Many colonists were drawn to the region but settlement was stymied for many years as Erb refused to sell any of his land in small lots.

In 1844 a brewery was opened by the Kuntz family and eventually became known as Carling’s Brewery. In 1807 Joseph Seagram bought a partnership in the local distillery and eventually took it over.

Waterloo is located in one of Ontario’s richest industrial areas. The City is home to manufacturing industries, many of which are national firms that provide a diversified industrial base to the community. Waterloo is also a university city. The University of Waterloo has developed into one of Canada’s largest engineering schools through its famous co-operative engineering programs.

The City of Waterloo is situated in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, on the Grand River. Waterloo is located on Highway #86, just north of Highway #401, adjacent to Kitchener on the southeast.

The population of Waterloo is approximately 121,700.

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