4 Aspects of Household Moving We Often Forget

Moving to a new location is often an exciting, hectic and stressful time for the entire family and we often forget or overlook several important things in our rush to get things done as quickly as possible. No matter how far in advance we plan, actual “moving” takes place in a short time for practical reasons, usually not more than a day or two. There are so many things to do in such a limited time that we can become overwhelmed.

Don’t forget the following 4 components of household moving that we tend to leave ‘till the last minute:


  1. Inform neighbors and relatives: As the scheduled date approaches, we are so busy with packing and attending to other moving-related items that we often forget to inform our neighbors and relatives that we are moving at all. Forgetting to inform people will not only cause inconvenience to other people, you will also miss out on important letters and messages sent to your old address by friends, banks and others. To make sure that you will not forget to inform anyone, make a checklist of all the friends, family and institutions you’ll need to provide your new address.
  2. Personal papers and documents: Even in the best of times, we tend to forget personal papers and documents like our birth certificate, driver’s license, passports and bank statements. In the rush, these important documents might get stuffed at the bottom of a box under a pile of books and magazines or even thrown away along with other discarded papers.  To make sure that such a mishap won’t happen, make it one of your top priorities to gather all your important papers and documents in a folder and keep the folder in a safe and secure location (that you won’t forget) before any other packing begins.
  3. Protecting valuable items: We are so busy packing the larger items such as furniture and the TV that we often forget to carefully pack our valuables.  These might include breakables such as glassware, chinaware, art or jewelry. As a result, they often become a victim of neglect and are either damaged or lost somewhere in the move. To prevent this from happening, you should make a point of gathering all your valuable items, and wrapping them carefully in tissue paper or soft cloths to prevent damage. Clearly label the boxes they are packed in with FRAGILE. It is usually best to keep these valuables with you at all times during the move, if possible.
  4. “Hidden” personal items:  If you have lived in a place long enough, it is possible that you have forgotten some of the items in the home that are yours to take! You might have installed many of the light fixtures with your own money. There might be holiday decorations or grandma’s old china set hiding in the attic, crawl space, or in built-in cabinets. In our hurry to move, we often forget to check these spaces.

When you’re preparing for your household move, keep these often-forgotten tasks in mind. If you’re putting together a moving checklist, add each of these items at the top of your list to ensure they are completed. Try McWilliams’ Move in Hand app to keep you organized and on track throughout your moving process!

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