6 Items That Travel Best in Plastic Storage Bins

Most people are familiar with the cardboard moving box method of moving possessions from point A to point B.  Make a list of stuff that needs to be moved, get a bunch of moving boxes and then pack them up.  Of course, you also have to use quite a lot of tape making the boxes and closing them up, and you have to find something to do with them when you’re finished.  This might include passing them along to someone else, but most of the time they just end up being thrown away.

An alternative to moving your things in cardboard boxes is to use plastic storage bins instead.  And while just about any smaller item will do just fine in a plastic storage bin, there are some that make more sense than others. 

1.  Blankets

Blankets are a logical choice for plastic storage bins because they are often stored for a length of time after the move and you can fit more of them inside without worrying about the bottom of the box giving way.  Blankets are one of those ‘stackable’ kind of items and the added strength of plastic containers means you can transport or store more of them without having to take up any extra space with more boxes.  An added bonus is that a plastic storage bin will keep water, dirt and other substances out so your blankets will remain clean.

2.  Ornaments

Since, plastic storage and moving bins won’t cave in the same way as a cardboard moving box, they are better for Christmas ornaments and other fragile items.  It’s not uncommon for a box carrying ornaments to be damaged during the move from the weight of other boxes, which will cause damage to the ornaments.  These concerns aren’t there with plastic storage bins.

3.  Dishes

Just like with ornaments, dishes are probably best-suited to stronger, more durable moving containers.  It’s still wise to wrap them inside so they don’t break against one another, but the added durability of the plastic will keep them safe from the outside.

4.  Books

Books tend to get heavy pretty fast when you’re packing up a moving box.  Stacking them inside a plastic storage bin instead of a cardboard box will increase the chances of them staying in the container and not breaking through the bottom during the move.

5.  Collectibles

If you have any collectibles that must be moved with the rest of your things, you’d be well-advised to use plastic moving bins to help keep them safe.  If you have collectibles that have a high value you might want to move them separately from everything else, just to be safe.

6.  Storage Items

For items that you want to store for any length of time, plastic storage bins are really ideal.  This might include clothing, collectibles, crafts or anything else.  Plastic will keep your storage items safe from weather and any outside forces such as rodents and other animals.

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