7 Tips for Moving During the Winter Months

Moving during the winter months is a challenge for anyone, as weather is often unpredictable and can easily get in the way of all your carefully organized plans. However, with proper planning and a few extra tips for moving, you can still enjoy a smooth transition despite those harsh winter days:

  • Expect snow and storms to delay the pickup of your household goods, which often means that you need to plan ahead for a day or two between the scheduled pickup date and the actual departure day. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared for a delay!
  • To minimize all inconveniences and discomfort, make sure you disconnect your utilities only after the property has been cleared up and all assets have been loaded. You wouldn’t want to freeze in your home while you wait out the storm.
  • Make sure that you clear the driveways and walkways of snow and ice on the day of the move. Failure to provide a clean and safe driveway may result in extra charges for pick up delay. Also, if a crewmember slips with your furniture, chances are it will get damaged. Therefore, for the sake of your assets and for your own safety and that of the movers, check that your porch and the entire outside of the house are ready for the movers. You can use sand or salt to make sure that no ice or snow builds up.
  • This is one of the most useful tips for moving: work closely with your moving company and be understanding when faced with uncooperative weather. Sometimes, you may be faced with a heavy storm on the way to your new home. You have to know that moving companies do their best to safely deliver your goods to their new destination, but you should understand when that is not possible due to unfriendly weather conditions. However, you should have the expectation that the moving company will stay in touch with you all the way.
  • Prepare your pets and kids for the move before the movers arrive. Try to reduce the time of pick-up as much as possible not only because of the costs, but also because you can never know when the weather is going to change again. To make everything simpler for your children, you may want to have them stay with a neighbor until all your belongings are picked up.
  • Make sure that you have all documents ready for the road, including birth certificates, airline tickets, or passports. Remember to keep medications and other health-related items at hand in case you need them. Keep jewelry and other important things safely on your person.
  • Inform your moving company about any road that is impassable or potentially too narrow to cross safely in your area. Talking to your moving company is one of the best tips for moving in the winter as that will allow the mover to come and pick up your goods with the most suitable truck for the weather conditions.

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