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Everyone needs moving help as relocation is one of the most hectic and nerve-racking times you will experience in your lifetime. It is impossible to handle a move without help, even if that means gathering all your friends and family members together to pack and load your goods. Yet, there is no doubt that the most cost-effective, time-efficient, and stress-free solution is to have a reliable moving company handle everything for you. McWilliams Moving and Storage is one such company and can deal with all your packing and moving needs:

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In today’s world, information is everywhere.  It’s not uncommon for us to share our names, social insurance numbers, tax information, banking information, credit card numbers and more without even leaving the house.  And that says nothing about all the information that might change hands if you own or run a business.  Now, when it comes to moving, your information may also be at risk.  All it takes is for one person to get his hands on your home computer for a little while and everything you’ve entered into it is no longer private.  Not to mention any hard copies of secure information you may be transporting in the move – they could fall into the wrong hands as well.

By using a professional mover, especially one like McWilliams Moving and Storage, you can ensure that your information stays secure so the only person that ever sees it is you. 

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Packing is perhaps the most time consuming and difficult part of moving. Every home or office is invariably always filled with a plethora of clothes, furniture, utensils, equipments and appliances to pack. Your first task should be to sort out the all of your possessions and make two lists: the first to pack and the second to donate or throw out. This in itself is a chore that few people relish doing!

Packing for moving requires careful planning and a lot of hard work. So here are McWilliams’ Moving & Storage top packing tips for moving:

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We have all been there – moving a house full of boxes and all of a sudden you’re dropped the box that contains your grandmother’s precious china collection!  You probably get sick to your stomach as you look in the box to find it’s shattered into a million pieces.

Packing valuables properly when you’re moving will save you a headache or two along the way – and it will keep your valuables intact! Here are our 7 tips for packing valuables when you are moving:

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