7 Tips for Packing Valuables When Moving

We have all been there – moving a house full of boxes and all of a sudden you’re dropped the box that contains your grandmother’s precious china collection!  You probably get sick to your stomach as you look in the box to find it’s shattered into a million pieces.

Packing valuables properly when you’re moving will save you a headache or two along the way – and it will keep your valuables intact! Here are our 7 tips for packing valuables when you are moving:

1)      Use bubble wrap.  Pack your china, electronics, framed photos and any other breakables in bubble wrap for a safe trip from your old home to your new one.

2)      Use a china carton.  Pick up some of these boxes at McWilliams Moving & Storage. A china carton can hold a complete dinner set for 12, and is also great for packing your stemware, glasses, and crystal.  This type of heavy-duty carton is a must for any breakable dishware!

3)      Pack the box tightly.  If your valuable items are packed neatly together, there will be less chance of shifting and breaking during transport.  If there’s lots of space in the box, your fragile items can slide around, causing them to break. Fill in any gaps in the box with newsprint or bubble wrap to cushion the items.

4)      Label your boxes.  Sounds obvious, but properly taped (with wide packing tape) and labelled boxes will catch the attention of the movers and let them know they should be careful with that specific box. Write FRAGILE on all sides of the box to ensure it won’t be missed.

5)      Pack with clothing. If you’re packing a suitcase full of clothing, tuck some of your smaller-sized valuables in amongst the clothing for a safe and neat ride. Just don’t forget where you put them!

6)      Use a jewellery organizer. Keep your valuable and delicate necklaces and earrings neat and tidy so they don’t get tangled or broken. You will also want to pack your jewellery with you, not on the moving truck, to ensure it is safe at all times. Jewellry cannot be moved by the movers and must be taken by the transferee.

7)      Carry them with you. Put money and other extremely valuable items in one place and transport it to your new home personally. The best way to ensure your valuables stay safe is to keep them in your own vehicle during the move.

Packing valuables when moving is an important task that you’ll want to do carefully. With some careful preparation, you’ll be able to move your valuable items to your new home without issue. If you have any questions about packing your items or preparing for your move, contact McWilliams Moving & Storage. We’d be happy to help you prepare for a great move!

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