9 Essential Moving Supplies for Your Big Move

Relocating to a new home or office requires careful planning and a lot of hard work. There will be tons of items to sort out and pack. Whether you like it or not, packing can become a chore after a while. Inadequate packing results in breakage, damage and loss; so you will need the right packing materials. Then there are loading, transporting and unloading to be done. You cannot do any of these without the right moving supplies.

Here are 11 essential supplies that you will need when making the big move.


  1. Boxes: You will need boxes of various sizes and shapes to pack your stuff. Use extra-large boxes for bulky items, large boxes for general household items, smaller boxes for compact and heavy items, and thick and padded boxes for breakable items.


  1. Wardrobe boxes: You will need wardrobe boxes to pack your formal clothes so they don`t get creased and wrinkled. These are tall boxes with horizontal bars to hang clothes. You can use suitcases to pack other clothes and valuables.


  1. Book boxes: Books and magazines need to be packed separately and you will need special boxes for them. They are usually thick cardboard boxes that can hold the weight of many books.


  1. Packing tapes: You will need lots of tapes to seal the boxes so that the packed items will not slip or spill out and break. Make sure that you buy high quality tapes so that they can hold the boxes firmly and securely.


  1. Permanent markers: You need permanent markers to label the boxes. Each box should be labeled clearly with big and bold letters. You can use colored markers to increase the visibility of the labels.


  1. Color labels: You will need color labels to color code boxes so that it will be easier for you to know what is where after you have moved. Things often become difficult to find in the absence of proper marking.


  1. Bubble wrap: You will need lots of bubble wrap to pad the inside of the boxes that contain delicate and breakable items. These are absolutely essential because they protect the items from constant movements.


  1. Old newspapers: You will need lots of old newspapers to wrap kitchenware, glassware, books and other items. A thick layer of newspaper is usually enough to protect most of the household items from damages.


  1. Knife, scissors and razors: You will need knifes, scissors and razors to cut boxes, tapes, papers and other things that need to be severed.


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