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We Set The Bar For Accurate & Timely Invoicing

We have clients that have told us that our competitors have taken up to 18 months to send in invoices or they receive trailers to original invoices months after the invoice. In that the client gets pieces of the invoice whenever the mover gets around to processing them. Resulting in clients trying to match up and audit costs long after they have closed the file.

McWilliams provides:

  • An internal three audit process, insuring all information is correct
  • All supporting documentation are bundled with each billing in a single package
  • We provide a specific billing day each month (for larger accounts)
  • All moves are audited, bundled, and invoiced within 30 days of the move

One would think that clear, accurate, and timely invoices just makes for good business but again the tardiness of the industry results in all kinds of extra work for you as well as the inability to audit and sign off on costs.

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