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What Documents Do You Need for Cross-Border Moving?

Cross-border moving can be incredibly stressful and time-consuming. Not having all the documents ready for your cross-border move can make the experience even less pleasant. So here are some helpful tips regarding the documents you need when moving to Canada from the US or when moving to the US from Canada.

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How to Prepare Your Kids for Moving in Ontario

Despite the many wonderful opportunities that so often come with moving, the prospect of moving is not always welcomed by kids, regardless of their age. If you plan on moving in Ontario, you need to make the experience less traumatic and less disruptive for your kids.

Parents often need to make big decisions like moving without consulting their children, and that is why kids may not understand why they have to move and leave their school, friends, and social life behind. So how do you prepare your kids for moving in Ontario? Here are some thoughts and ideas that you may find useful for your upcoming move:

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7 Tips for Moving During the Winter Months

Moving during the winter months is a challenge for anyone, as weather is often unpredictable and can easily get in the way of all your carefully organized plans. However, with proper planning and a few extra tips for moving, you can still enjoy a smooth transition despite those harsh winter days:

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Moving to Canada? Advice for Making Your Transition Easy

Moving to a new country is a brave decision. It also comes with amazing opportunities for you and your family. Canada is one of the most incredible places to live and moving to Canada is as exciting as it can be stressful. Yet, a few basic rules and simple preparations can reduce a lot of the anxiety from your move and offer you a snapshot of what to expect. Planning and getting informed is the best way to give you the best possible start in your new wonderful life in Canada. Here is some advice to make your transition smooth and easy:

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Need Moving Help? McWilliams Can Pack and Move Your Home

Everyone needs moving help as relocation is one of the most hectic and nerve-racking times you will experience in your lifetime. It is impossible to handle a move without help, even if that means gathering all your friends and family members together to pack and load your goods. Yet, there is no doubt that the most cost-effective, time-efficient, and stress-free solution is to have a reliable moving company handle everything for you. McWilliams Moving and Storage is one such company and can deal with all your packing and moving needs:

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Should I Consider Storage as Part of My Relocation Services?

There are several issues you need to consider when hiring relocation services to move your family, home or office to a new location – especially one that is separated by geography. One of them is storage. We are often faced with a dilemma when it comes to storing our possessions or not. Using a storage facility can make moving smoother and more manageable, but it also increases your costs. Therefore, your decision should really depend upon whether you can accommodate the costs of storage in your budget or not.

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5 Packing Tips for Electronic Devices

When moving to a new place, you will often be faced with the problem of how to pack your electronic devices. These days, every modern household is filled with electronic items that range from the extremely compact and lightweight to the very large and bulky. If you are a tech-savvy person, then you might have a PC, laptop, tablet, printer, scanner, video game system, smart phone, TV, refrigerator, microwave oven and many other devices that use every day. Often, these devices come with several accessories, so packing them neatly becomes a challenge.

Here are 5 packing tips for electronic devices that you may find useful:

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How to Move Without Damaging Your Possessions

Moving is often a hectic time and things can easily get scratched, dented and damaged in the rush, especially if you have lots of stuff to move. Most damages can be attributed to inadequate packing or mishandling, but accidents also account for a significant number of damages. You have to be extra vigilant when loading, unloading and unpacking as these are the times when most damages occur. However, you can keep the damages down by being careful and meticulous while you pack, transport and unpack your belongings.

Here are a few tips on how to move without damaging your possessions:

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Why Choose McWilliams’ Off-Site Data Storage Solutions?

Physical assets can be replaced if lost or damaged, but if data is lost, the consequences can be terrible – especially for companies that have digitized every aspect of their business. Most companies safeguard themselves against this possible scenario by keeping several backup copies of their data. However, they usually have one small problem. The copies are located in the same physical location. No matter how many backups you have, they won’t be safe from disasters like earthquakes, floods, fire and arson if they are all stored in the same building. A better solution is to use McWilliams’ off-site data storage solution.

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