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At McWilliams Moving & Storage in Kitchener Waterloo and Peterborough, Ontario we aim to provide you with complete moving services from start to finish. If you’re moving from a foreign country, we realize it can be a daunting experience and our friends at BDO have compiled an immigration checklist that we wanted to share with you. Read this post for more information on important items you need to take into consideration if you’re a foreign national who is entering Canada to work.

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With an estimated 310 million “reported” firearms in the US chances are your cross border transferee is packing more than dishes. There are some very serious rules and regulations about importing weapons into Canada. Failure to follow the regulations can lead to confiscated items, fines and even jail time. SO listen and listen good, pilgrim.

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Our Cambridge movers recently received an email from a lovely couple who we helped move from Cambridge to Ottawa. We wanted to share it with you here in our blog:

“Rod and I just wanted to ensure you both knew how are move went and what we thought of your service.

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McWilliams is fortunate to be able to help customers with their moving needs from cities all across Ontario. We’re thrilled yet again to be able to share with you some more comments from customers who we’ve recently moved. These comments come from Peterborough, Toronto and the Niagara area.

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We absolutely love hearing from our customers and have yet another batch of comments sent in from customers across Ontario that we wanted to share with everyone here on our blog.

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Lump-Sum or Reimbursed (LSR) moves are fast becoming the program of choice for many companies. A recent survey indicating over 65% of organizations are using a lump-sum, capped or reimbursed program and many more are in … Read More

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