How to Move Without Damaging Your Possessions

Moving is often a hectic time and things can easily get scratched, dented and damaged in the rush, especially if you have lots of stuff to move. Most damages can be attributed to inadequate packing or mishandling, but accidents also account for a significant number of damages. You have to be extra vigilant when loading, unloading and unpacking as these are the times when most damages occur. However, you can keep the damages down by being careful and meticulous while you pack, transport and unpack your belongings.

Here are a few tips on how to move without damaging your possessions:

  • Sort out your possessions in advance: Trying to pack your items in a rush is always a recipe for disaster. Most damages before moving happen at this stage. Fragile items like glasses, electronics and furniture are often roughly handled or thrown about in a hurry. You can avoid damaging things by sorting out your possessions well in advance of your move. With more time on your hands, you will be more careful with fragile items and accomplish the task without causing any damages.
  • Packing is the key: Inadequate packing is one of the major causes of damages when moving. It is important to use the proper types of boxes and packing materials for valuable or breakable items. Pack your possessions securely in cardboard boxes that they are meant to be backed in. Use a china carton for dishes, and a segmented glassware box for your crystal or cups. Do not cram more items into the boxes than they can comfortably hold, but make sure they are not too loosely packed either. Do not put heavy and delicate items in the same box. After packing, label each box in big, bold and colorful letters. If a box contains anything that can easily break, then label it “Delicate” or “Fragile”.
  • Be vigilant when loading and unloading: Damages can occur when loading and unloading your moving boxes. Whether you are handling the tasks yourself or have hired professional movers, be extra vigilant when loading and unloading. Check every box that is being loaded or unloaded to see what it contains. Keep reminding everyone to be careful and not to drop or dump anything. You can lessen your risk for damages by hiring a professional moving team like McWilliams Moving and Storage – we are experts in moving your items carefully and safely.
  • Unpack carefully: Unpacking carelessly and in a hurry is another major cause of damage when moving. Do not push, pull, throw or drop the boxes and bags. Do not rush to open any box or bag; unpack your delicate items only when you have plenty of time. Do not use unnecessary force open any box or bag; use only proper tools and equipment. Being careful when unpacking prevents a significant number of damages to items like glassware and china.

If you are still unsure about how to move without damaging your possessions, then hire a reputable removal company in your area. The employees of expert moving companies are trained to handle all kinds of possessions without damaging them. You may also want to consider buying moving insurance to cover the cost of any damages that might occur. An accident can happen no matter how careful you are, so hiring professional movers offers the best protection against damages.

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