How to Prepare Your Kids for Moving in Ontario

Despite the many wonderful opportunities that so often come with moving, the prospect of moving is not always welcomed by kids, regardless of their age. If you plan on moving in Ontario, you need to make the experience less traumatic and less disruptive for your kids.

Parents often need to make big decisions like moving without consulting their children, and that is why kids may not understand why they have to move and leave their school, friends, and social life behind. So how do you prepare your kids for moving in Ontario? Here are some thoughts and ideas that you may find useful for your upcoming move:

  • Kids thrive on routine and familiar things so try to tell them about the move as soon as possible to give them time to adjust and assimilate the information in a positive way. To make the process less stressful for everyone, talk to your kids openly about moving and be positive about the move.
  • Kids don’t like to be left out of major decisions so try to get them involved in the moving process. If they are older, assign tasks for them that allow them to help you out and make them feel useful. They will feel less traumatized and start with a positive attitude on their new life. Do not overwhelm them with tasks, but simply have them involved and share your excitement with them as much as possible. Getting them involved in moving will make them feel important.
  • Welcome their questions related to moving in Ontario. Show them maps and pictures if they are old enough to understand everything. Have them research their new hometown and show them the many wonderful things they will be able to experience once they arrive there. Make sure you are able to identify the places where they can still do the things they love and assure them that things will stay the same as much as possible. Explain in detail why you are moving if they want to know and try to have them picture as positive an experience as possible. Be receptive to their reactions, even if they are negative. Also, don’t assume they understand that you are just packing their toys, and not throwing them away. Try to see that kids often focus on the frightening aspects of a change rather than on the positive sides, which they may not even understand.
  • With pre-teens and teens things may be a bit more difficult simply because they need even more time to get used to the idea and to make plans. Again, honesty and openness can work miracles. You can’t imagine how many things teens and pre-teens understand without you saying a word about it. So if you keep things from them, they will know there is something you are not telling. Don’t let them get the wrong idea; instead be honest and open. If you share move plans and timetable with them they may get involved even more than you’d expect them to and they may be more excited than you are!

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