Moving to Canada? Advice for Making Your Transition Easy

Moving to a new country is a brave decision. It also comes with amazing opportunities for you and your family. Canada is one of the most incredible places to live and moving to Canada is as exciting as it can be stressful. Yet, a few basic rules and simple preparations can reduce a lot of the anxiety from your move and offer you a snapshot of what to expect. Planning and getting informed is the best way to give you the best possible start in your new wonderful life in Canada. Here is some advice to make your transition smooth and easy:

  • Prepare In Advance To Move Your Belongings – No matter how you look at it, moving your possessions is the most stressful part of any relocation. That is why you need to prepare everything in advance, including selling and getting rid of unnecessary belongings, getting estimates from shipping companies, preparing the required documentation, and so on. You need to make important decisions, such as which shipping method suits your needs, budget, and time frames best. You also need to make arrangements for moving your pets if you own them.
  • Be Wise About The Time Of The Move – As wonderful as it is, Canada has its share of cold winters. It is recommended to avoid the wintertime when it comes to moving to Canada. Severe snow for months or temperatures as low as -40 degrees can add further stress to you and your family in a time which is stressful enough as it is. There are situations when you simply cannot do anything about it and you need to move during the harsh winter days because of your visa, for example. In such circumstances, double check your documents and make sure you have reliable accommodations upon your arrival.
  • Understand Where You Are Going – Moving to Canada opens the doors to a new life filled with success and achievement. It is a fresh start for you and those you love. Canada features provinces with a diverse culture, climate, and landscape from coast to coast. You need to have a true appreciation of its vast size and make sure that you know very well where you are going and moving your family to. Don’t rely solely on general info that you find on Wikipedia. Use your connections in the area where you are about to move and get informed about specific weather patterns, access to affordable housing, stability of job market, and cost of living.
  • Learn What You Can And Cannot Bring To Canada – Moving to Canada means you can bring your personal and household goods with you without paying duty. On the other hand, you do need to pay duty on items that you bring along and which haven’t been used or items that are leased or rented. A duty is a fee which the Canadian government charges on some goods when they enter the country. Check what you can and cannot bring with you to Canada in order to minimize your costs as much as possible.

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