Moving? We Have an App for That!

app-screenshotMoving can be a difficult and stressful time for anyone faced with the task of moving their home or office. Trying to organize all aspects of the move, like scheduling moving trucks, moving out of your current location and into your new location on time, and all while trying to not lose or damage anything can become a juggling act. To lessen the burden you will want to have a friend on board, and McWilliams’ Move in Hand App is a great app that will be a helpful sidekick for you during the move.

You may not be an expert in moving, but this app is! Move In Hand is there to help you from beginning to end with everything from moving expenses, emotional considerations, moving your pets, how to move on your own, and even researching your new area. This application will soon prove to be very fun and helpful to you as you complete the moving checklist. You can assure you are getting expert advice from professional movers who will be able to help you answer questions you have and provide you information on parts of the moving process that you may not have considered.

The Move In Hand application provides consumers tips and logical formulas for buying products and services using the Logi-Buy process and provides a moving expense and reporting function for personal files, tax refunds or corporate reimbursement.  Use Logi-Buy when making decisions such as where to move. For every place you visit, you can use this software to record the location and price of the unit and then rank it out of 10 allowing you to compare multiple locations and decide which best fits your budget.

Furthermore, tracking expenses during a move is very important as they add up quickly. Having your handy Move In Hand app will allow you to create a list of expenses and track and record them as they accumulate allowing you to stay within budget. You can record the actual cost versus the estimated costs to see how accurate the estimates were and how close you stayed to budget. When your expense report is complete, you can then download it in PDF format.

So before even looking into moving, download this handy app and stay proactive in your move, making sure all your questions are answered and you are well prepared for whatever obstacles may present themselves. The Move In Hand app from McWilliams Moving & Storage is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Click here to visit our homepage and download the app!

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