Need Extra Space? Storage Solutions for Your Move

Relocating your home or office to a new location is often made problematic by the sheer quantity of things you need to take with you. Furniture and equipment are often heavy and take a lot of space. They are also breakable and have to be handled with caution. Although there are plenty of companies that provide moving services, it is not easy to find one that provides safe and secure storage solutions as well.

When moving your belongings to a far distance, space or the lack of it is often the biggest problem you will face. Most companies provide packing, loading and unloading services, but not more than that. They also cram things in small spaces which can make your items vulnerable to damage.

If you have a lot of items to move and need extra space, then you should hire a company that provides a wide range of storage solutions. The services a storage company provides include packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, shipment, storage and obtaining all the necessary documents for transporting your items. So when choosing a moving company, you should consider the following:

  • Packing and unpacking: Proper packing is very important when moving an item from one location to another. Find out how the company will pack your belongings, what materials they will use and whether they will do it at no extra cost. Unpacking at the destination is also important since it takes a lot of time.
  • Loading and unloading: Loading items into a vehicle and unloading them at the destination and can take a long of time. Find out whether the company will load and unload at no extra cost and whether they will take the responsibility in case of damages in the process.
  • Storage facility: If you are moving long distance, you may have to store the shipment in a safe place overnight or when there are unavoidable delays. Find out whether the company provides safe storage facilities along the way.
  • Moving and storage costs: Moving is often very costly and time consuming. You should do research of the market to find a company that provides high quality moving and storage services at a competitive price.
  • Documentations: If you are moving abroad, you will have to obtain several documents (permit, tax, etc.). Usually, the company takes care of all of the paperwork.

Whether you are moving inside Canada or abroad, McWilliams Moving & Storage has a wide range of moving and storage solutions tailored to meet your needs. The company provides both short term and long term storage facilities at affordable rates so that you won’t have to go out looking for a place to store your belongings if there are delays or any other problems. Our highly trained and motivated staff is committed to give you the highest quality service anywhere.

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