Reduce Reuse & Recycle: Be Eco-Friendly For an Easier Move

One of the biggest concepts when it comes to modern-day moving is keeping the process as ‘green’ or eco-friendly as possible.  Not only will you look good in front of all your friends and family, but you really will help out the environment.  And if everyone that was going through a move thought that way, just imagine what a difference it would make!  Here are some basic, eco-friendly tips you can follow for your next move. 

Hire Us

Does that sound presumptuous?  As a Mayflower moving company, we have green initiatives that will boost the ‘eco-friendliness’ of any move.  Not only do we practice a “reduce, reuse and recycle” system in our own day-to-day business, but we bring it right into the move, as well.

This typically includes things like using recyclable boxes and packing material, reducing gas emissions on our trucks and pushing for a paper-less workplace.  If you’ve decided to hire a professional mover for your move, why not choose one with lots of experience, a great reputation and sound environmental policies?

Packing Materials

If you’ve decided to pack up your own things before the movers come in, like so many people do, you can lend a hand by using different packing materials.  In some cases, you can get environmentally-friendly packing supplies from your mover, or you might want to try old newspaper, sheets, towels, linens or even socks.  Anything that keeps you away from adding Styrofoam or plastic into landfills is a good eco-friendly choice.

Cleaning Products

One part of a move that many people forget about is the cleaning of both the old and new places before moving in and after moving out.  You’ll have a big chance to use environmentally friendly cleaning products during any move, so make sure you take advantage of the opportunity.  And don’t feel as though your buying things that are only going to be used once or twice, because you can keep using them after you move.

Keep It Going

Keeping the eco-friendly vibe going after the move is probably the most important thing you can do as far as ‘living green’ is concerned.  Set up a well-defined recycling area, use any local composting programs that are available, switch up the incandescent bulbs with CFL’s and continue to learn and grow along the way.

If you choose McWilliams Moving & Storage for your move, be sure to ask us for tips on how you can keep your green initiatives going after the move.  We are committed to being green in all aspects of our moving and storage processes and encourage you to take on our “Green Challenge” in your new home.


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