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Save Money With Our Self Haul Efficiency

*Our self haul efficiency can save you on average $2000.00 a move

McWilliams is able to reduce the transit periods involved in moves by as much as 20 days.

McWilliams self-haul capabilities results in an average transit reduction of just over 7 days when compared to those shipments that were actually serviced by other movers.

By reducing the transit periods for your shipments, McWilliams has:

1. Reduced the number of days spent in temporary lodging with associated costs for accommodation, meals, car rentals etc – not to mention the stress associated with living in temporary accommodation.2. Reduced the number of lost productivity days for those employees.3. Allowed the transferees to make specific travel plans which should have translated into reduced costs for travel.

*If the average daily cost, for a family of 4 staying in a motel, eating in restaurants and driving a rental car while they wait for their furniture to be delivered, is conservatively $ 300.00, then a reduction in those expenses of 7 days is over $2000.00

* Numbers based on actual moves for one account over a one year period.

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