Should I Consider Storage as Part of My Relocation Services?

There are several issues you need to consider when hiring relocation services to move your family, home or office to a new location – especially one that is separated by geography. One of them is storage. We are often faced with a dilemma when it comes to storing our possessions or not. Using a storage facility can make moving smoother and more manageable, but it also increases your costs. Therefore, your decision should really depend upon whether you can accommodate the costs of storage in your budget or not.

Most large moving companies like McWilliams Moving & Storage have their own storage facilities in several cities. Where we do not have our own facilities, they have access to those of trusted local partners and associates. This is the reason why we can offer storage services almost anywhere inside Canada and also in other countries around the world. The facilities are always safe, secure and climate-controlled so that anything can be stored in them for any period of time without the risk of theft or damage.

You should consider storage solutions as part of your relocation services if your move meets any of the following conditions:

  • You are moving long distance: If you are moving to another city or country that cannot be reached within one day’s travel, then you may want to consider storing some of your items until you can arrange for them to make the move as well. Taking fewer belongings with you on your move date can reduce your stress and also the length of your move-in period.
  • You’ve been forced to move out earlier than planned: If unforeseen circumstances have caused to move out of your current residence before you’ve found a new place to call home, storage can be a great solution to temporarily house your belongings.
  • Your new home is not ready for moving in: What should you do if you’ve hauled all your belongings to your new home, but find that it is not ready for moving in? You may wish to paint your home or renovate before all your furniture is moved in. You should consider using storage until your new home is ready.
  • You are a student: If you’re a student moving home for the summer and are looking for somewhere to store your items for the time you’re away, consider renting storage space. Instead of hauling all of your stuff home and back again between student apartment rentals or dorm rooms, you can conveniently and safely store your items in a secure facility while you’re out of town.

Moving and storage companies are often willing to give good discounts when you combine your relocation services with storage services. By choosing your moving company as your storage company, you will be able to coordinate all aspects of your move, from pickup, to storage and drop off at your new home.

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