The Best Eco-Friendly Moving Services Canada Has to Offer

eco-friendly-moving companyWhen choosing to move, you might not have considered the impact you will have on the environment. However, a great professional moving company will always consider their impact and attempt to make your move as environmentally friendly as possible. When you choose to hire McWilliams Moving and Storage, you are choosing to work with the best eco-friendly moving company in Canada. An eco-friendly moving company will always have a strong Go Green initiative in place. When working with an eco-friendly moving company, you will find every step in your moving process is adjusted to meet the highest environmental standards possible.

Let’s start with how an eco-friendly moving company helps assist you:

  1. They will provide you with tips and online resources on how to Go Green in your new home. You may not be an expert on green moves and green living, but the company you work with should be!
  2. Let your moving company provide you with local solutions for the sale, reuse or environmentally friendly disposal of your household items. Most of the time, people just toss away their items and don’t properly recycle computer equipment or furniture.

Now let’s move over to how to ensure your eco-friendly moving company is really environmentally friendly:

  1. Your moving company should attempt to eliminate all non-recyclable packing material so they can reduce the amount of packing material used over the course of a year, which reduces the overall waste.
  2. When possible, an eco-friendly moving company will reduce fuel emissions by following anti-idling regulations, reducing highway speed and implementing regular mechanical and safety inspections on all of our moving trucks.

Lastly, how does your eco-friendly moving company make a positive impact in your community?

  1. When working with companies like McWiliams Moving and Storage, you can guarantee you are working with a company that lends a hand to the community through projects such as, tree planting and park cleaning. They also donate equipment and materials for environmental initiatives.

So when you make your next move, consider your impact on the environment and how working with a company like McWilliams means working with the top eco-friendly moving company in Canada. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our Go Green initiative and how we can help make your next move an environmentally friendly one.

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