Why Choose a Company that Offers Both Moving and Storage Services?

When relocating your home or office to another place over long distances, it is sensible to hire a company that provides both moving and storage services. This ensures that your belongings will be in good hands at all times and someone will be accountable in the event they are damaged or lost. You can rest assured that your items will be stored safely and reach their destination in one piece.

Here are a few good reasons why you should choose a company that offers both moving and storage services:

  • Makes student moving easier: Hiring a company that offers both services when moving long distances to university and back makes the entire process easier. You can easily store your furniture for the summer and have us transport it back to your new residence or apartment in time for the school year.
  • We’re accommodating in the event of delay: In case you are required to leave your present location before the scheduled date and if your new location is not ready to move in, we can hold your belongings in a storage facility.
  • Ensures the safety of your belongings: McWilliams takes care of all your belongings from the beginning to the end of your journey so that you won’t have to worry about their safety. If your items are being moved from your home or office into one of our storage vaults, you can be sure that they will be monitored at all points.
  • Wider range of services: Companies that provide both moving and storage services are often larger and offer a wider range of services. They have a larger staff and are better equipped to handle all sorts of situations. Hiring one leaves you free to attend to other businesses without having to worry about all aspects of your move.
  • Long term storage: In the event that you may have to find a place to store your belongings for a considerable length of time between your current and new addresses, a company that provides both services can offer the best solution or even a package deal for both moving and storing your possessions.

When choosing a company that provides both moving and storage services, you should consider the entire range of services offered. Since McWilliams Moving & Storage offers both moving and storage services, it will be convenient for you to safely store your items, and in the event you want to move them, the transition will be seamless.  Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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