Why Choose McWilliams’ Off-Site Data Storage Solutions?

Physical assets can be replaced if lost or damaged, but if data is lost, the consequences can be terrible – especially for companies that have digitized every aspect of their business. Most companies safeguard themselves against this possible scenario by keeping several backup copies of their data. However, they usually have one small problem. The copies are located in the same physical location. No matter how many backups you have, they won’t be safe from disasters like earthquakes, floods, fire and arson if they are all stored in the same building. A better solution is to use McWilliams’ off-site data storage solution.


McWilliams Moving & Storage is a leading off-site data storage service provider in Ontario. With backup copies of your data stored in our secure locations, you will never have to worry about any disaster, whether natural or manmade, wiping out your data. Here are some good reasons why you should choose us to store your data:


  • Multiple storage locations: Your data backups will be stored at your facility, and in our secure location, reducing the probability of data loss.


  • We store all types of media: You can choose to store your data on one or more of several different storage media, including hard drive, CD ROM, DVD ROM, Blu-Ray disk, magnetic tape, digital audio tape (DAT) and data linear tape (DLT).


  • Quick and easy update:You will be able to update your data every day. We will pick up the data backups on a predetermined schedule and return your previous backups to you. All you have to do is let us know how often you’d like your backups to be changed over.


  • Scheduled and fast delivery: The latest copy of your data stored with us will be delivered to your computer center on the storage media of your choice on a scheduled basis. In case of an emergency, the data will be delivered to you within 90 minutes.


  • Secure and confidential: Your data will be secure and confidential and no one will be given access to it except the authorized representatives of your company. Your data will be completely safe from hackers, business rivals and criminals.


  • High data life expectancy: In normal conditions, temperature and humidity can damage storage media. We store your backups in highly secure and climate-controlled facilities that ensure a long life expectancy for your data.


Disasters, whether natural or manmade, can happen at anytime and without warning; therefore, the safety and security of data should never be taken lightly. The only way to ensure the safety of your critical data at all times is to use secure off-site data storage solutions, such as those provided by McWilliams. For a free estimate on your data storage solution, contact us today.


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