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Official Mover of the Canadian Canoe Museum

In our hometown of Peterborough, we have deep roots in the community and have always supported opportunities to enhance and better our great city.

In 2024, The Canadian Canoe Museum will open its doors to a brand new building, creating a cultural and recreational destination located on the waterfront of Little Lake, in the heart of Peterborough.

To relocate a collection of more than 600 watercraft and 500 paddles, along with hundreds of artifacts and an entire archives and library collection, The Canadian Canoe Museum needed a mover.

McWilliams Moving and Storage has partnered with The Canadian Canoe Museum as their Official Mover and Lead Sponsor of the Move the Collection: The Final Portage campaign. We are honoured to lend our expertise and equipment to safely guide the relocation of this world-class collection.

As a long-time collaborator with The Canadian Canoe Museum, McWilliams also moved the original collection to Peterborough from Dorset, Ontario, when the Museum first opened in the mid-90s. We are thrilled to continue this successful partnership and join forces once again for their Final Portage.

Designed by award-winning Lett Architects, the five-acre site of the new museum provides stunning west-facing views of Little Lake, a connection to the Trans Canada Trail and is surrounded by public parks. It will become a vibrant community space for activities and the Museum’s canoeing and outdoor programs and events.

The Canadian Canoe Museum’s inspiring two-storey, 65,000-square-foot building will soon house the Museum’s collection and activities. McWilliams is ensuring the collection arrives safe and sound so that The Canadian Canoe Museum can continue its mission to preserve and share the culture and history of the canoe.

Dan McWilliams, President of McWilliams Moving & Storage Ltd, walks amongst rows and rows of canoes and kayaks in The Canadian Canoe Museum’s current Collection Centre at 910 Monaghan Road.

McWilliams Moving & Storage works alongside Canadian Canoe Museum staff to safely offload a canoe and ready it for transferring it into the new museum at 2077 Ashburnham Drive.

McWilliams Moving & Storage and the Canadian Canoe Museum staff work together to safely secure the 53-foot-long racing canoe Blue Bird, the longest canoe in the museum's collection.

A McWilliams Moving & Storage truck pulls up to The Canadian Canoe Museum’s Collection Centre at 910 Monaghan Road, ready to help move the collection to its new home.

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