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Full Service Palletized Storage

If you’re looking for storage solutions in Peterborough Ontario, then you are in the right place.

We offer palletized storage so that shipments are properly stored in separate storage vaults. Our pallets are the largest available so that our customer’s shipments occupy fewer vaults.

Each shipment is tagged, color-coded, inventoried and catalogued on its way into and out of the warehouse. A serial number is applied to each tagged item and that serial number is entered onto all paperwork for tracking purposes.

Furniture is re-wrapped in felt storage blankets inside of the storage vaults.

Upholstered goods are wrapped in a protective plastic wrap and stored in separate sofa racks.

“Bingo sheets” are used to indicate which items from the numbered inventory are in which pallets so that items can be accessed, if the need arises, without our having to open all of the storage vaults for a particular shipment. Access and sorting services do, however, involve additional costs.

We employ experienced Warehouse Managers who are in charge of managing the handling, placement and paperwork of each shipment as it moves into and out of our warehouses.

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