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Movers in Peterborough Ontario

Are You Moving? McWilliams Moving & Storage offers a comprehensive relocation service that is designed to suit individual needs. Without cost or obligation to you, we would like to have a representative visit your home in the Peterborough or Kitchener Waterloo area to discuss your moving requirements.

Following an in-home visit, we can provide you with a survey of the cost and a list of the services that will be performed for you.

When your valuable and often irreplaceable furnishings need to be relocated, the care and expertise offered by McWilliams Moving & Storage will provide peace of mind on moving day.

We would be pleased to give you an estimate based on your moving requirements. There are lots of ways you can contact us!

Call toll-free across North America: 1-800-461-6464E-mail us at:

Looking for a free, no-obligation moving estimate?