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McWilliams Named Transportation Partner Of The Year

We are pleased to announce that McWilliams Moving & Storage has been awarded Transportation Partner of the Year by TheMIGroup at the annual EURA Convention held in Dubrovnik, Croatia this week. This prestigious award is given to the best-in-class relocation service providers.

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How to Avoid Being Scammed When Looking for a Mover

The major concern in the household goods moving industry is the serious problem that is referred to as rogue movers. These Scam artists lurk on the internet with the sole purpose of robing you. Let’s be very clear the end game for these criminals, is to lowball your move and then upcharge you with what resembles strong-arm tactics on move day.

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Immigration Checklist – For Foreign Nationals Entering Canada To Work

At McWilliams Moving & Storage in Kitchener Waterloo and Peterborough, Ontario we aim to provide you with complete moving services from start to finish. If you’re moving from a foreign country, we realize it can be a daunting experience and our friends at BDO have compiled an immigration checklist that we wanted to share with you. Read this post for more information on important items you need to take into consideration if you’re a foreign national who is entering Canada to work.

Busting Relocation Myths

As the Self-managed Lump Sum relocation, DIY or reimbursed programs gain more and more popularity with corporations; I am amused to see how some folks are dropping seeds of fear into the ears of HR. They … Read More

A Quest for Common Sense

A refrigerated truck was hauling an extremely deadly virus strain mutated from the Filoviridae family of viruses. It was on route to a lab in California with a full police ground and air escort. The driver … Read More

Making the Right Move

The moving industry can be confusing being an intangible service, many people assume that all movers are the same and that price is the deciding factor. What is using the right mover really worth? What is … Read More

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