Making the Right Move

The moving industry can be confusing being an intangible service, many people assume that all movers are the same and that price is the deciding factor. What is using the right mover really worth?

What is it worth to have the truck show up at the exact hour promised?

The number one concern in the entire industry is trucks showing up late or sometimes not at all. When all of your travel plans and real-estate transactions hinge on the truck showing up on time, McWilliams has a to-the-hour policy. When we say we are going to be there we are there.

What is it worth to have your worldly belongings traveling on a safe truck?

When tires are flying off trucks on major highways safety is a major concern. McWilliams is the only moving company that has been awarded an excellent safety ranking CVOR by the ministry of transportation. With our own in-house safety and compliance officer and full service garage McWilliams equipment is some of the best on the road. McWilliams also introduced the “don’t text and drive” campaign, which has been recognized in several industry magazines and articles in both Canada and the US.

What is it worth to have your goods delivered promptly either on or ahead of schedule?

When you use McWilliams for long distance moves, we consistently deliver under the industries transit time guide, eliminating hotel and meal costs that add up to hundreds of dollars a day.

What is it worth to have your goods arrive safe and in the same condition as they left?

McWilliams has one of the lowest claims ratios in the industry ranked by Insurance companies as one of the safest household goods movers in North America

What is it worth to have a single point of contact and move management services?

We have one professional work with you through your entire move from our professional company drivers to our move managers; we manage every aspect of our service.

What is it worth to work with the most innovative mover in the industry?

From our simplified pricing, on time invoicing, Mobile smart phone App Move in hand, Do it yourself relocation market place, right sizing home organizing service and our do- it- yourself, video survey service McWilliams is constantly improving and innovating our industry. You are getting the very best most innovative services in the entire industry.

What is it worth to start off the next chapter of your life with the positive affirmation that you made the Right Move? That question can only be answered by you.

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