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How to Kill a Zombie Contract

A Zombie Contract is a contract that never dies. It is not current, brings little value, is not actively managed or measured but just continues to live on inside your organization. I find many Zombie contracts are grandfathered into a department and just wander around the halls looking for new brains to drain. Everyone hates the service and never hears from the supplier, but they have no idea how to kill the thing because it has always been stumbling around. Many folks managing the program find themselves in a temporary carrier placement and don’t want to rock the boat, so they just leave the thing fester around for the next poor soul.

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Please check your guns at the door

With an estimated 310 million “reported” firearms in the US chances are your cross border transferee is packing more than dishes. There are some very serious rules and regulations about importing weapons into Canada. Failure to follow the regulations can lead to confiscated items, fines and even jail time. SO listen and listen good, pilgrim.

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Retro Relocation: Why You Should Use a Mover For Lump Sum Moves

Walk a mile in our shoes to find out why you should use a Mover directly for lump sum moves.

If you trace your family history, I am sure all of us have had, or still have, men and woman in our family that earned their wages by the sweat of their brow. Manual labour built this country, from factories to farms; honest hard work is something that was prized by our forefathers as the stuff you were made of. We were judged to be either worth, or not worth our salt by how hard we worked. Moving is still the same hard work that it was back in the time of the horse and buggy. Technology has not made a grand piano lighter, or 500 hundred miles shorter.

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Comments from Peterborough, Toronto and Niagara

McWilliams is fortunate to be able to help customers with their moving needs from cities all across Ontario. We’re thrilled yet again to be able to share with you some more comments from customers who we’ve recently moved. These comments come from Peterborough, Toronto and the Niagara area.

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How a Checklist for Moving Can Keep You Organized

A checklist for moving is your best ally, friend, and partner when it comes to successful and stress-free relocation. A well-organized move prevents overlooking a lot of small items and tasks and reduces the stress and hassle typically associated with moving. The only way you can achieve all of that is a checklist for moving, a simple and yet smart solution that will cover all your bases during relocation, starting with how early you should start packing to how to organize the floor plan of your new home. Here is how a checklist can keep you organized:   

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