All About McWilliams Student Moving Services

Is your teen going to university or college in the fall?  Are you totally overwhelmed with packing all of the items on the school’s must-bring list?  Do you even have a vehicle that will fit all the items on the list? If you’re feeling stressed by answering these questions, there may be a solution for you.

McWilliams Moving and Storage in Kitchener-Waterloo has student moving services designed to support parents and guardians with moving their kids to and from school.  Our student moving services are designed for individual needs which ensures you’re getting all of the services you need. 

McWilliams Moving and Storage is a comprehensive moving company, which services all of North America, so we can move your student to any college or university across the nation.  Another bonus is that a McWilliams representative can meet with you for a complimentary needs assessment with no cost obligation.

Before your move, the McWilliams team can provide knowledgeable advice on packing tips and tricks. We will help you ensure that all items to be moved are packed safely and arrive intact. We offer virtually any type of packing supplies that you may need to transport your student’s possessions, from moving boxes and mattress bags to specialty boxes and bubble wrap.

Student moving services can be invaluable when you’re moving your student back and forth from school two times a year.  When you hire a professional, they will maximize the space in the vehicle, ensuring a tight fit and no breakage.   Another benefit is that professionals can do the job quicker.  They have the skills and experience you don’t to make the most of the move.  Our professional staff will ensure the moves are a success for you and your student.    You’ll have peace of mind on moving day!

A McWilliams Moving and Storage team member can be reached at 1-800-461-6464 to set up your free, no obligation moving needs assessment, or you can get a free estimate online. Don’t forget to get your free McWilliams relocation application for your smart phone for more great advice and information on moving. We also recommend visiting the Canada Revenue Agency website for more information about student moving expenses.

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