Why a Moving Company is the Right Choice for Your Apartment Move

One type of move that causes many people to break out their DIY shoes is the apartment move.  It’s also the type of move that is best served with a moving company taking control of the situation.  Apartments are smaller and there is usually less to move than a full-sized house, but that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit by using a professional mover instead of doing it yourself.

Fast & Efficient

A professional moving company has usually seen it all before, or at least most of it.  This means they can do your apartment move quickly and efficiently, which is great for an apartment because there are often time constraints placed on the move. 

What Floor Are You On?

Depending on the type of apartment you’re moving into, you might be faced with a few flights of stairs.  A three-storey building with no elevator might be great for exercise once you’ve moved in, but trying to move all your furniture up there could be hazardous. Leave this job to the experts.

Saves Damage to Your Possessions

Most apartments have a lot of tight turns and tight squeezes and if you aren’t experienced in those sorts of things you may end up damaging a bunch of your possessions.  Professional movers have the skills and they have the insurance in case there is a mishap along the way.  You may start off with the thought of saving money by doing it yourself, but if you bang up a bunch of your things in the process you may not end up saving anything at all.

Saves Damage to the Building

Just as your stuff can get damaged by inexperienced apartment moving, so can the building.  Chips and dents and gouges might not seem like much, but they are things you might have to pay for or repair at some point.  Professional movers know how to move in tight quarters and they know how to keep damages to walls and doorways to a minimum.

Cost – Effective

Even though you will pay more to hire a mover for your apartment move than doing it yourself, it is still usually a cost-effective option.  The fact that it is an apartment generally means there is less to move, and if the move is over a short distance, you’ll save even more.  Ask about any specials or packages during the initial planning stages so you can start saving right from the beginning.

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